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April 11th, 2011
Neo’s Realm #3: Crimson Moon

Crimson MoonPride Publishing
ISBN eBook: 978-0-85715-479-8
Genre: Gay MM/ Paranormal/ Vampire
Series: Book three in the Neo’s Realm Series
Book Length: Novel
Release Date: April 11, 2011

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After his capture by a rogue vampire coven, Gunnar, alpha werewolf and head of Neo’s Realm security, was viciously turned into a vampire. Although Gunnar was eventually rescued, he refuses to accept the vampiric side of himself. Unable to drink the thick blood he needs to survive has left Gunnar moody and weak as a pup.

Centuries earlier, Ramiro was also changed against his will, but he’s learned to accept himself and make the best of his new life. He knows has his hands full with Gunnar, but there is something about the confused werevamp that pulls at his once-human side. As head of security for the vampire king, Ramiro has the reputation of being a cold-hearted warrior, but he wasn’t always that way. As he continues to nurse Gunnar through the changes ravishing his body, he begins to yearn for things he hasn’t wanted in centuries, love.

Gunnar hates being seen as weak by Ramiro. Never has he allowed someone to take care of him, especially someone he considers an equal in battle. Giving in to his body’s desires won’t come easy, but Gunnar begins to fear for his own sanity if he continues to push the vampire away.

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