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GrasslandCarol Lynne Books
Genre: Contemporary, Gay, Male/Female, Menage, Romance
Book Length: Novel
Release Date: March 3, 2013

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Despite being the talk of Grassland, Kansas, Sabrina Duvall never questioned her decision to live with, and love, two men. After losing one of them in a car accident, Brin picks up the pieces with Jack Trawley by her side.

Two years later, Jack and Brin were happy but began to feel like something was missing. When Jack meets the new bartender in town, he realizes what that something is.

Bartender, Gavin Louquet, may not have been looking for a family when he meets Jack and Brin, but it didn’t take him long to realize he had a chance to have everything he’d ever dreamed of but never thought possible.

Brin knows her marriage is at a crossroads. Jack would never betray her by straying, but could her husband ever be truly happy without the love of another man? Could she? For better or worse, Brin loved being part of a threesome, but did she have the strength to try again?


Note for Readers: You must be over eighteen to read this excerpt.

Applying the finishing touches to her makeup, Sabrina Duvall, eyed herself in the mirror. For twenty-nine she felt she didn’t look half-bad. Her thirtieth birthday was just around the corner and so far, knock on wood, she showed no signs of gray in her shoulder-length, auburn hair. She studied the area around her dark green eyes, happy to see minimal laugh lines. Michael was a stickler about fitness and keeping your body in the best possible shape.

She often wondered what would happen when she did begin to show signs of aging. He’d already started in on her weight. Although not heavy by any means, her voluptuous body was not considered model-like, which was what Michael seemed to notice lately. Brin thought of Jack. She knew Jack didn’t care about such things. He seemed to enjoy her larger than average breasts and firm, but rounded, ass.

Smoothing her white silk blouse, Brin slipped on her jade green suit jacket and went downstairs. Her marriage to Michael six years ago and their subsequent relationship with Jack Trawley had been the source of town gossip for years. Brin didn’t care what the town thought. She loved both men, and they loved each other.

Walking into the kitchen, she spotted Michael drinking his morning protein shake. How he drank those nasty things everyday she still didn’t understand. Waiting for him to finish, she gazed at her gorgeous husband. His hair was the color of wheat just before the harvest and his body to die for.

Michael had seemed so distant lately, like he was a million miles away. “Have you seen the broach my mother left me? I remember laying it on the dresser a couple of days ago, but now I can’t find it.”

When he finally finished his shake and rinsed his glass he turned toward her. “Haven’t seen it.” He looked like he was studying her. “Is that what you’re wearing?”

Brin looked down, wondering if she’d put on two different colored shoes. When she didn’t see anything out of place, she returned her attention to Michael. “Is there something wrong with it?”

Michael shrugged and rolled his eyes. “Just seems a little…bright. Are you sure you want to draw that much attention to yourself? I mean, you have packed on a few pounds lately.”

The criticism cut like a knife and he knew it. “It’s just a suit, Michael. The same one I’ve worn for the past two years.”

“Maybe that’s the problem,” he said dismissively and turned around. “I’ll be showing houses all day so don’t try to call.”

“Will you be home for dinner?”

“Don’t know,” he informed her, and clipped his cell phone onto his belt. “If I’m here, I’m here.”

She refused to play Michael’s ongoing games. “Whatever. Dinner’s at six if you want it hot.”

He shrugged into his suit jacket. “Ciao,” he said as he walked out the door.

Brin watched as he drove down the long farm road. Maybe it was her? She decided to skip breakfast and find Jack before she headed to work. Jack always made her feel better.

After putting her purse and briefcase in her car, she walked toward the barn. Jack was already two hours into his day. Brin had never met a man who worked harder. The success of the farm was testament to that.

“Jack?” Brin called as she entered the darkened barn. She’d always loved the smell of fresh hay and horses.

“Back here, Sunshine,” Jack answered.

Brin made her way to the far side of the barn. Jack was doctoring Maybell’s foot. “What’s wrong with her?”

Setting the chestnut mare’s foot down, Jack stood up. “Just stepped on a thorn patch it looks like.”

He walked closer to Brin and leaned in for a morning kiss. His tongue swept the interior of her mouth as she started to lean against him. God, she needed this.

Jack stopped her by pulling away. “Sorry, as much as I’d like to wrap you in my arms, I’m already pretty dirty.”

Stepping back, she grinned. Jack was more than a little dirty. It looked like he’d been rolling around on the floor. She shook her head and leaned in again. “I’ll change if I have to, but I need another kiss.”

“Mmm,” he said before kissing her passionately. He took hold of Brin’s hand and ran it over the fly of his jeans. “Don’t suppose we have time for a quickie?

“I wish I did,” Brin answered, squeezing his erection through the soft denim.

“Somethin’ wrong?”

Shrugging, Brin ran her hand over the front of her blouse to knock off any bits of debris. “I don’t know.”

She chewed her lip as she considered what to say. “Have you noticed anything different about Michael lately?”

Jack looked at her for several moments. Brin never tired of gazing into those soulful gray eyes. “I think he’s just going through some things. I’ve noticed a change in him, but I think it has to do with business.” He leaned in and kissed her again. “It’ll all work out.”

Swallowing, Brin started to walk away before turning back. “Do I look old to you?”

Jack did the unexpected and laughed. “Old? Why, Sunshine, you’re just a baby and you’re still as beautiful as the day I first laid eyes on you.”

That made her smile. She walked back over to give him a quick peck. “Thanks. I needed that.” She turned serious for a minute. “I love you.”

“Good, because you’re not getting rid of me. Now get on to work before I take you up against the barn wall.”

Turning she waved on her way out the door. “I’ll see you at supper.”