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Rawley’s Redemption

Rawley's RedemptionPride Publising
ISBN eBook 978-1-78430-717-2
Genre: Contemporary; M/M
Series: Book three in the Good-time Boys Series
Book Length: Short Novel
Release Date: July 21, 2015

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After unjustly losing his job, ex-Sheriff Rawley Good turns to the one person he has long denied himself, rancher Jeb Greeley. But Rawley soon learns he can’t always be the boss when it comes to love. Relationships aren’t like running a town and a man like Jeb is not about to be dominated—even in the name of love.

Though he is no longer the Sheriff of Summerville, Rawley won’t back down from his investigation into his brother’s shooting. Something’s not right. There is a murderer to catch, corruption to fight and his job to get back. More importantly, Rawley isn’t about to walk away from the greatest love of his life. Sheriff or not, Jeb Greeley is the man for him…

Now he just needs to convince him of that fact.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released by Totally Bound Publishing under the same title. It has been re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

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Note for Readers: You must be over eighteen to read this excerpt.

Standing at the bottom of the steps, Rawley looked up at the only person he’d ever been in love with. “I’ve been relieved of my duties as Summerville Sheriff. I no longer have a need to hide the way I feel about you. Care for a roommate?”

Jeb didn’t say a word, but Rawley saw first the shocked look and then the brief smile. He simply held out his hand and waited for Rawley to join him. Turning around, Rawley waved good-bye to Meg, and picked up his bags. With a deep breath and a prayer on his lips, he walked up the steps to his future.

Taking his hand, Jeb led him into the living room and through to the master bedroom. “I’ll clear some closet space out for you later.” Jeb ran his hands up Rawley’s chest and smiled. “Welcome home.”

Letting out the breath he’d been holding, Rawley dropped the bags and wrapped his arms around Jeb’s lean body. Leaning down, he whispered a kiss across Jeb’s soft lips. “I love you.”

“I know,” Jeb said as he opened his mouth for Rawley’s tongue.

The kiss was savage, both men tired of waiting. As Rawley continued to plunder Jeb’s mouth, he began to pull his soon to be lover’s clothes off. When he had Jeb shirtless, he broke the kiss and knelt before him. Lifting Jeb’s foot, Rawley removed his boots before running his hands up Jeb’s thighs to land on his fly. Burying his face in Jeb’s crotch, he inhaled the scent of his man as Jeb ran his fingers through Rawley’s short black hair.

Looking up, Rawley moved his hands to Jeb’s button and slowly relieved him of his jeans and underwear. Pushing them down the leanly muscled thighs, Rawley’s hands began to shake. “I can’t believe I’m so nervous.” Hiding his face against Jeb’s closely cropped thatch of hair, Rawley inhaled again. Without looking up, he ran his tongue around the crown of Jeb’s cock. “I’ve never done this before. I’ve had it done a time or two, but this will be my first time giving.”

Jeb ran his hand over Rawley’s cheek. “If you’d rather not, I’ll understand.”

“No. I can’t believe how much I do, but I want to.” Rawley held Jeb’s generous shaft by the base and licked his way up and down its length. He felt each ridge and vein against his tongue as he heard Jeb begin to moan. Taking the heavy sac into his mouth, Rawley was amazed at how soft the skin was, no hair to get in the way.

As he took the head into his mouth, Jeb thrust forward. The generous erection hit the back of his throat and Rawley gagged slightly.

“Sorry,” Jeb said.

Shaking his head, Rawley refused to release his hold on Jeb’s cock long enough to answer him. He moved closer to the tip and sucked. He felt his cheeks hollow out as Jeb moaned. God, Jeb tasted good. Wrapping his hands around to rest on Jeb’s sweet ass, Rawley ran his fingers through the crease. Finding Jeb’s tight rosette he added a little pressure with his fingertip until it slid in.

“Shit,” Jeb cried, shooting his essence down Rawley’s throat.

Rawley drank it all and begged for more. He licked Jeb clean before leaning back on his heals. “Nap?”

Jeb shook his head and spread out in the centre of the bed. “You’re turn now.”