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Professor Sandwich

Professor SandwichPride Publishing
ISBN ebook: 9781784302542
Genre: Gay/MM Contemporary
Series: Book Nineteen in the Campus Cravings series.
Book Length: Short Novel
Release Date: Early Download – 3 Oct 2014
General Release – 31 Oct 2014

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Love is a give and take, whether shared by two men or three.

After the devastating loss of his parents, Rusty Bonham feels like he is floating through life without an anchor. The problem, he discovers, is the anchor he wants is already tied to another man, an equally hot professor.

Professors Adam Ryan and Manuel Corto Delgado believed they had the perfect life, but everything changed the day Rusty walked into Adam’s classroom and sat in the front row. Four years later, Adam and Manuel still want Rusty, but it wasn’t until Rusty fell victim to an attack that they decided to do something about it.

Inviting Rusty into their bed and lives turned out to be the easy part, but when Rusty reveals a secret, they discover the challenge will be keeping him there.

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Note for Readers: You must be over eighteen to read this excerpt.

Rusty glanced at his iPad to check the time. He‘d been sitting on a concrete bench outside the science building for almost thirty minutes, dreading, yet excited to see Professor Ryan again for the first time since the weekend of his attack.

He’d made a fool of himself that weekend. Rusty cringed. He still couldn’t believe they’d caught him watching them. It had been innocent at first, but he’d blatantly decided to stay and watch Manuel fuck Adam without a single regard as to their privacy. He’d been so embarrassed, he’d asked to go home the next morning and hadn’t spoken to either of them since. It hadn’t helped that the dreams of his attack had kept him in a constant state of fear. We’ll be back. The single phrase continued to torment him to the point that it had been three weeks since he’d left BK House. Chase had tried to help by delivering his class work, but tests all had to be taken in person, and his Ecotoxicology final, taught by Professor Ryan, was in five minutes.

Sadly, his mortification was so great he’d considered blowing off the test. It had been his love and his parents’ love for the environment that had pushed him to step foot out of BK House. He wanted to make a difference. He had the brains to make a fortune in a lab somewhere, but money had never meant much to him or his parents. Before his parents’ accident, they’d often talked about how man was destroying the planet a piece at a time, and he’d promised them he’d do something about it.

With a sigh, he shouldered his messenger bag and climbed the steps of the science building.

He found his usual spot in the front row of the large lecture hall and stowed his bag on the chair next to him. He didn’t need to worry about someone sitting there because they never did, as if they thought his awkwardness was catching.

Rusty leaned his cheek on his hand. Although he was used to feeling like an outcast it still hurt. His spirits lifted a bit when he thought of Chase. His roommate had become a true friend over the last few weeks. It was more than he’d ever had, and he still couldn’t believe someone as popular and handsome as Chase wanted anything to do with him, but he accepted the friendship with open arms.

Professor Ryan walked into the room, looking perfectly rumpled in a pair of faded jeans, an Aerosmith T-shirt and the familiar wrinkled white lab coat he usually wore. He brushed his shaggy brown hair out of his face before his gaze landed on Rusty.

Rusty held his breath as he gave his teacher a tentative smile. Professor Ryan smiled in return and with a subtle nod, went back to his preparations. Rusty clung to the simple gesture, hoping it meant the professor didn’t regret being so tender with him after the attack, before Rusty had spied on the professors like a darn pervert.

“You’ll have two hours to complete the exam,” Professor Ryan announced as he handed his teaching assistant Brad a stack of tests to pass out.

Rusty’s gaze zeroed in on Professor Ryan’s hands. He remembered the way those long, slim fingers had dug into Professor Corto Delgado’s back as he’d taken his pleasure.

“Hey,” Professor Ryan said, placing his hand on Rusty’s shoulder.

Rusty glanced up, afraid he’d made a noise or something and realized everyone was filing out of the lecture hall. “What’s going on?”

“Time’s up. The test is over.” The professor sat in the open seat next to the messenger bag. “I appreciate the gesture of you showing up today, but you have to actually take the test for it to count.” He grinned, softening the statement.

Rusty felt his face heat in embarrassment. How did he tell his teacher that he’d spent the last two hours in a fog of lustful thoughts? He scrambled to think of something to excuse his actions. “I had an aunt who I’d never met before try to go against my mom and dad’s wishes and have them buried, but I beat her to the punch by having them cremated.”

Professor Ryan’s dark brown eyebrows furrowed. It was obvious he wasn’t prepared for the quick change in conversation, but, like he always had, he tried to show compassion. “And that’s what they wanted?”

“Yeah. They believed the planet was too small to take up space after they were gone.” Rusty pushed his glasses up on his nose. “I have their ashes back at BK, but I haven’t figured out where to spread them.”

“Or maybe you’re just not ready to say goodbye,” Professor Ryan offered. He squeezed Rusty’s hand. “How’re you doing dealing with the attack?”

Rusty shrugged. “I have nightmares. They said they’d be back, so I keep waiting.”

“I think they said that to scare you.” He brushed his thumb across the back of Rusty’s hand. “Come by the lab later, and I’ll let you retake the test.”

“You don’t have to do that.” Rusty could have kicked himself. He’d been invited to the hallowed grounds of Professors Ryan and Corto Delgado, of course he was going to go. “But I’d appreciate it.”

“Good.” Professor Ryan released Rusty’s hand and stood. “I should be finished and back to the lab around five.”

“I’ll be there. Thank you.” Rusty watched Professor Ryan’s ass as he walked away, remembering what was under the lab coat. When he felt his face heat again, he decided to get out of there before he made a fool of himself.