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Coming Clean

Pride Publishing
ISBN ebook: 9780857156754
Genre: Contemporary, Gay
Series: Book Eighteen in the Campus Cravings series.
Book Length: Short Novel
Early Download: March 21, 2014
General Release: April 18, 2014

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Trapped by words spoken as a teenager, Chase Hughes longs for a love that touches not only his heart but also his body.

First loves are often the hardest to leave behind. For months, college student Chase Hughes has known he owes his high school sweetheart the truth about his feelings. He still loves Benny, but he has grown to realise he’s ready to move on. The problem is, he knows Benny will be crushed by the breakup, and hurting the sweetest man he’s ever known weighs on Chase’s soul.

While working as a server at Clean Slate, Chase meets the man of his fantasies. Mac Evans pushes all of Chase’s sexual buttons, and after having uninspiring sex with Benny for two years, Chase is ready to explore more than the tattoos on Mac’s muscular body.

Mac gave up everything to come clean with the people he loved, and expects nothing less from Chase before allowing things to progress between them. Chase is forced to choose between hurting the man of his past and giving up a sexy, tattooed man that may be his future.

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