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October 3rd, 2014
Available for Early Download: PROFESSOR SANDWICH, Campus Cravings #19

Professor SandwichPride Publishing
ISBN ebook: 9781784302542
Genre: Gay/MM Contemporary
Series: Book Nineteen in the Campus Cravings series.
Book Length: Short Novel
Release Date: Early Download – 3 Oct 2014
General Release – 31 Oct 2014

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Love is a give and take, whether shared by two men or three.

After the devastating loss of his parents, Rusty Bonham feels like he is floating through life without an anchor. The problem, he discovers, is the anchor he wants is already tied to another man, an equally hot professor.

Professors Adam Ryan and Manuel Corto Delgado believed they had the perfect life, but everything changed the day Rusty walked into Adam’s classroom and sat in the front row. Four years later, Adam and Manuel still want Rusty, but it wasn’t until Rusty fell victim to an attack that they decided to do something about it.

Inviting Rusty into their bed and lives turned out to be the easy part, but when Rusty reveals a secret, they discover the challenge will be keeping him there.

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