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February 14th, 2014
Now Available for Early Download: COWBOY RULES, Book #2 in the Buck Wild series

Pride Publishing
ISBN ebook: 9781781849774
Genre: Cowboys and Western, Contemporary, Gay
Series: Book Two in the Buck Wild series.
Book Length: Novella
Early Download: February 14, 2014
General Release: March 14, 2014

Read an Excerpt | Order eBook at Pride Publishing

Rules are made to be broken. Cowboy rules are made to be shattered.

Although ex-con, Cash Wiley, loves working at the Rocking W, being around Shane Ackerman and Dub Walker is the favorite part of his job. He’d had the chance to be with the two men a few months earlier, but he’d blown it before it could happen. He’d ruined everything because he’d refused to have sex without strings attached.

Stupid didn’t begin to define how he’d felt the following day or every day afterward. Shane took his breath away and Dub was the kind of man Cash had always dreamed of having at his side. It was the rule that stood in his way.

How could he promise to not fall in love when he already had?

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