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November 8th, 2013
C-7 Shifters #2: SEGER

SegerPride Publishing
ISBN ebook: 978-1-78184-808-1
Genre: Gay MM/ Paranormal
Series: Book Two in the C-7 Shifters series.
Book Length: Novella
Release Date: November 8, 2013

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Finding answers before he falls in love is imperative.

When Shadow, the mysterious shifter from Alrik, arrives at the clinic so weak he can’t speak, the Chameleons gather to nurse the shifter back to health. Blood tests reveal more questions than answers. Who is Shadow? What is Shadow?

One Chameleon doesn’t care that his boss is distrustful of the shifter. For years, Seger has longed for reciprocated love, and he isn’t about to dismiss his growing feelings for Shadow because of unanswered questions. The need to protect the smaller shifter is strong, and the quiet sadness Seger recognizes in Shadow’s eyes draws him in further.

Shadow has loved and lost too many times to allow himself to fall once again. While he enjoys spending time with Seger, he knows he’s been called to the Chameleons for a reason. Shadow may not know the guise in which the danger will appear, but he’s confident it’s coming.

Finding answers before he falls in love is imperative.

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