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October 20th, 2013
Now Available: Three’s A Thrill Box Set

Three's a Thrill Box Setincluding “Dead Man Living” by Carol Lynne

The day Joe Baker died was the first day of his new life.

Shot while trying to rescue a victim of domestic violence, SWAT team leader, Joe Baker was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital. Eight minutes later, he opened his eyes a changed man. With his newfound ability to see auras and graphic glimpses of impending murders, Joe retreats to a life of solitude, going as far as losing the only person he’s ever loved, his best friend and former partner on the force, Brian.

When a vision puts him in contact with Beth Adams, director of a battered women’s shelter, Joe is drawn to her pale aura. Curious, he accepts a lunch meeting with Beth only to have another vision strike him. With Beth as the newest victim, Joe calls upon Brian to help protect her.

Joe didn’t expect to fall in love with Beth, nor was he prepared for Brian’s confession of love after so many years of wanting nothing else. Faced with a decision, Joe prays his greed won’t drive away the two most important people in his life.

This box set also includes the following books:
“Trouble at the Treble T” by Desiree Holt
“Sleeping with the Enemy’s Daughter” by Nadia Aidan
“Competitive Nature” by Justine Elyot
“A Spirit of Love” by Morticia Knight

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