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December 23rd, 2009
Cops and Robby

Cops and RobbyWild City Press
Genre: Gay Erotica, Contemporary Erotica, Ménage, Group/Orgy, Incest.
Book Length: Novella
Release Date: April 13, 2016

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Sometimes the only way to make a living is to stop giving it away. The men of Hard for the Money know all about what a guy has to do to make a buck, and they all know that it’s impossible for a rent boy to find love. Right?

In Syd McGinley’s A Cheap Racket, Tim figures all he has going for him is his young body and his patience for his older clients. His roommate Cal has a trust fund, and is pretty sure men only want him for his money. Can a rent boy and a trust fund baby find love and trust as they battle a corrupt and abusive nursing home?

Chaos is an uneducated stripper who knows that life deals guys like him a rotten hand. When he meets RJ at a bachelor party, though, he has to re-evaluate his needs. Can he and RJ find common ground? Find out in Kiernan Kelly’s A Hard Man is Good to Find.

Finally, in Cops and Robby, by Carol Lynne, brothers and fellow cops Cole and Morgan have always had to hide their love. When they rescue rent boy Robby, though, they find someone they can share themselves with. Robby’s got problems of his own, though, problems that might endanger them all.

All of these men have been hard for the money, but can they face their difficulties and find a happy ending?

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