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June 25th, 2009
Now in Print: Cattle Valley Volume 4

Cattle Valley Volume 4Pride Publishing
ISBN-10: 1907010858
ISBN-13: 978-1907010859
Genre: Contemporary; M/M;
Series: Book 7 & 8 in the Cattle Valley Series.
Release Date: June 25, 2009

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Love comes in all shapes and sizes and always when you least expect it.

Bad Boy Cowboy

When Logan Miller pulls up to the EZ Does-It ranch atop a gleaming black Harley, bearing tattoos and killer green eyes, Jax Brolin knows he’s in trouble. How can this be the same skinny kid who used to play with his baby brother?

Until Logan reunited with his best friend’s big brother, he’d thought the best thing to have between his legs was a motorcycle, followed closely by a horse.

The town may classify Logan as a bad boy, but all he wants is to be is a good man for Jax and he’ll do anything to get the man’s attention.

The Sound of White

Finally healed after a beating that almost took his life, the last thing Richard Johnson needs is to be attracted to Chad Neal. Despite his smaller stature, Chad Neal needs to be in charge, both in the bedroom and out.

Collin Zeffer, longs for the kind of relationship he sees his friends have, but who would want someone as boring as him? Hiding his face from the world, Abe Cross is content to live out his life alone.

When an unexpected blizzard blankets Cattle Valley, the lives of these four men will change forever.

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